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Basically, website localization consists of accurate translation from one language to another. However, translating the text itself is not enough for the vast majority of websites, as they are more complex than that.

Some common elements of modern websites include:

•    Images with text

•    Multilingual SEO Considerations (Search Engine Optimization)

•    HTML elements with text that can generate actions, such as "buttons”

•    Digital assets such as videos or blank pages

•    Error Messages

•    Metatags and titles

•    Permalinks

•    Footers and headers

All these components must be assessed in websites localization or you can end up with a website that is visually unappealing at best or, at worst, incomprehensible to the target audience.

What is website localization?

•    Localization engineering – Part of this process is focused on extracting text for the translation and assembling the files to be sent to a translator. Before beginning any translation, a technique often used is pseudo-localization. During this process, a recognizable character is entered before and after textual information on your website. Asian characters are commonly used for pseudo-localization, in order to analyze character support. 

•    Text translation – Although translation software tools are used for website localization, automatic translation itself is not enough. It is important to work with a native speaker who is skilled in the target field and a well-trained linguist. This will help ensure that your website via its localized content sends the intended message in the language of the end user.

•    Multilingual SEO – Identifying keywords from a foreign language is not as simple as using the "Google translate" service or just the Google Keyword Tool. As for the translation process, you need a native speaker who understands how users use search engines.

•    Testing the localization – Before launching a localized website, it should be tested both in terms of functionality and linguistic accuracy. The tester will look for potential problems such as text that does not fit in the menus, accurate format for dates and times, and proper use of language in a given context.

•    Audiovisual translation and subtitling for video assets – The videos are a popular and also an effective marketing tool all over the world. For your video to be available for your global customer base, it is necessary to translate the video transcript and also all texts that might appear on screen. If your video includes spoken language, the audiovisual translation improves the user experience and increases your chances on retaining their attention.

•    Desktop Publishing (DTP) for formatted document – If you published patterns on the front (white papers), case studies or info graphics on your website, the translation of these assets will help you reach more people on the target worldwide markets. Because localized text is often of different sizes or lengths, or sometimes read in a different direction, such documents should not only be translated but also reformatted to look professional and match the source text.

•    Transcreation or cultural adaptation – Some slogans or labels simply do not work when translated literally. A website localization service provider can help you decide the best way to pass your message to global audience without being offensive or ridiculous in terms of culture.

•    Global marketing consulting – Not all brands and messaging strategies are suitable for all target markets. For example, when Swedish manufacturer Electrolux did not understand the implications of American slang of its slogan: "Nothing sucks like an Electrolux" (n.Tr. "Nothing vacuums better than Electrolux"), the brand has suffered. If you don’t work with an expert who understands the language and local culture, you may face similar mistakes.

Valley Center Timisoara offers you a wide range of website localization services for all types of businesses. If you are planning to expand on global markets, contact us today to learn more about how we can work together to make your brand and website accessible for target markets.

Why is website localization process so important?

  • more than 50% of Google searches are made in languages ​​other than English;
  • visitors to a website are four times more willing to buy, if its content is available in their native language and are also staying twice more on such a page;
  • a website translated into English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese can be accessible for 93% of Internet users. 
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